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Our Cold-caller dials the phone about one hour per day on the average.

In that 60 minutes the Cold-caller calls about 40 companies on the average.

In one month of 20 days the Cold-caller will dial the phone 800 times.

On average the Cold-caller will speak to 2 people per day.

The Cold-caller will ask for permission to read a 15 or 20 second script and permission is given 99.9% of the time.

The Cold-caller on average will read the script a total of 40 times in one month.

Thanks to the immutable Law of Averages, about 38 executives each month will say “Not interested but thanks for the call.” They almost always say it pleasantly, with some degree of awe and with respect because they realize immediately that we’re not telemarketers and that we’re not going to try to force them to set a meeting they have no interest in attending.

Between 2 and 3 times a month, the executive will ask for a meeting, tell us the day and time of the meeting, and will immediately say goodbye and hang up.  


People under the age of 70 commonly express horror and disbelief when they hear these numbers because their lives are generally a continuing frantic rush to get things done. Our Cold-callers are seldom in a rush.

Our Cold-callers are NOT telemarketers, so we simply do not get into conversations where we might embarrass our customer or do damage to their brand and we do not ask questions of any kind for those same reasons.

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