MEETING CONSULTANTS, are either septuagenarians or octogenarians because there are certain retired people in that age group who have very few things on their agenda. Actually, most of us don't even have an agenda.

Our Meeting Consultants phone executives to help software companies sell more software and to help consulting companies sell more consulting.

We are not telemarketers. We are the exact opposite of telemarketers.

We do not get involved in any kind of selling.

When we do get an executive on the phone, we ask for permission to explain why we're calling.

We read a half minute script and then we shut up.

​Each month four or five of those executives will ask for a meeting.

When an executive books a meeting  the Meeting Consultant passes the meeting information to our office and a few weeks later $500 cash is delivered to his door.

Our Meeting Consultants are not employees. They don't invest a dime and they don't sell or get into discussions or Q&A's and they don't enter into any kind of contract.

​They choose when to work and when not to work.

They do enjoy the occasional connection with other business executives and the sense of accomplishment that comes with doing a job that is important and dignified.

Meeting Consultants that elect to dial the phone four hours a day can expect to earn about $50,000 a year in consulting fees.
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